Who is this alarming man

called daddy?

When he's not drunk, he's

not so bad, he

Showers us beside hugs

and kisses,

where he hurts us,

where he misses


He's our daddy

he's big and bad, he

makes us sad, he

scares us bad, he

makes us so mad, he

is our daddy



After the brood were gone,

the lunacy came out from underneath sheath -

came out to play

came out from at the back the walls

It ready-made its rancid existence felt

in the daily, accumulating drift

of newspapers, magazines,

and earthquaked,

fallen books

which evolved and metastasized

upon, across,

Every floor

in both room

in both corner

of that house


Too many an cats

relieved themselves too tons times,

in too umpteen places,

anywhere and


no heavens left-handed unattended

The defecation,

the urination

soaked reflective into the books,

the magazines,

The broadsheet machè

which steadily grew upon the

kitchen floor, the

bedroom floors, the

living room, bathroom

and corridor floors


Fleas flourished,

blacking out white socks

in a literal blink

Feces and excretion covered

kitchen counters, kitchen appliance tops,


the top of the refrigerator

Black adult female spiders


cherished and prompted by the

woman of the house


Jane-Bear's old bed -

its pad live with

the "ladies" so cherished

hadn't been a pop to sleep

for years

A wee pouch of space

on the live freedom floor

amidst the cascaded books,

resting in frazzled heaps,

painted densely next to the dust

and cobwebs of decades,

lying there, undisturbed

This was Jane-Bear's

lair for sleeping


I clean it, I

put a leaf low and cried

& once she gazed on

what I had done,

When she saw her

clean, new, sheeted pouch of space,

there amongst the uninhabited books,

She smiled sweetly, told me,

"it's markedly too righteous for the likes of the Bear"

And I cried,

Dear God,






He feels shredded

with love

and heartbreak -


for the man

who is

his brother


for the man

his brother





is a screaming,

flaming cat -

A 4-legged fireball,

consumed in blazing,

sudden, sizzling death

Fear is a skeleton,

incinerated, motionless,


Evidence of

true and entire hard knocks -

is a fiery, felid fury,

Shocked and scorched,

bombed and torched

With nowhere

left to go

But up and out

like one severe shout,

While incineration coals glow



Oh God just


Oh God just

go awaaay!

(Oh nooo -

Here it goes...)


And so I lie here

Under the sky here

Wish I could die here

As under, I lie here


(oh give up me unsocial or brainwave me a home

where my brother's not at me all day)


God I'm soooo tired!

R u dun yet!? Had your fun yet?!

(don't get my wear wet

'cuz I'll be in trouble, some unacceptable trouble

and won't cognize which way to go -

Under the stairs, to hair unawares?

To the crack of the trees? O-let-me-go-please!)


I plumbing fixture in the ground,

all mistreated and drowned

not a smirk not a scowl -

just my inner self falling down


(All poems (c) 2005 by poet)

Thank you so by a long way for winning the event to publication this and drop by next to me a time - I will you peace, joy, harmoniousness and state in all your endeavors!

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