This document will support you how to discovery niche products to sell, manufacture a niche website and put up for sale to the hand-picked souk for under $60 a year. The fee includes service research, web hosting and pattern.

Step 1: Keyword Research

Keywords advert to singular speech and phrases that are concerned to the place you will be marketing.

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When relatives hunt on the internet they come in libretto or phrases they are curious in. For example, if individual is looking for weight loss help, they may come in "lose weight" "how to put in the wrong place weight" "help losing weight" weight loss pills" "exercise equipment" or any figure of combinations containing the phrase weight.

When you are selling to an Internet listeners these keywords are previously owned in your webpage, PPC campaign, articles, etc. so that general public will be directed to the webpage featuring these keywords.

The key to evaluating your keywords is to find out whether your assessment will have too some competition for you to get satisfactory people or not sufficient go to breed it charge your stab to invent a webpage circa that keyword.

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To begin the research:


Enter a generalized keyword relating to your niche, ie: dogs

What will be returned is a roll of the keywords that contain the unspecific keyword and figure of searches for the keywords.

Next, put dogs in the Google flush box. You will see 243,000,000 grades (upper exactly alcove) which funds that there are that umteen remaining websites targeting the linguistic unit "dogs". This is too more bout for a starting website.

Go rear to GoodKeywords and countenance far hair the schedule to insight else phrases that have little searches. Repeat the requirement of sounding up the word expression in Google until you discovery a saying that has smaller amount than 100,000,000 sites but more than 200,000. Why more than 200,000? Because it will be rocky to discovery products for your piece of ground if in that is narrow zest in the keyword.

Step 2: Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs donate you entree to products and employment that you can advance on your website.

A detail of footloose programs at []

Find products to flog in your station by penetrating by taxable in each affiliate programme.

Google AdSense is dissimilar from other associate programs in that they feed the ads to your website supported on the contented of your pages. You put the belief supplied by Google into your webpage wherever you impoverishment the ads to become visible.

Also order of payment well-know websites in your station for affiliate programs. Email them and ask if they have an affiliate system of rules for their products.

Step 3: Choose Domain Name

Choose a domain christen and follow it at Choose a cross that reflects the keywords that you blueprint to target in your place. While at GoDaddy suggestion up for the $3.99 a period web hosting collection. Do not add any supplementary software package that GoDaddy offers. Remember - we are conformation the amount of the website underneath $60 per year.

Step 4: Website Design

Choose a website shape victimization independent templates from:


Step 5: Webpage Editor

Download a WYSIWYG editor if you do not cognise HTML planning. The editor in chief will let you add pleased and ads to your webpages. Two editors I propose are and . The nvu system of rules is a endure unsocial programme but the mozilla is downloaded beside the firefox browser.

Step 6: PayPal

If you are active to bazaar your own place products, plate up next to PayPal so you can judge payments from respect and entry game.

Step 7: Content

Your station website wants happy. Write your own or get separated cheerful from the piece sites tabled down the stairs.

Adding RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds to your website is other way to take on board pleased but it requires that you revise how to combine the Javascript into your pages.

Step 8: Free Promotion

Promote your station website out by:

Writing articles and reports more or less your niche and as well as a nexus final to your website. The catalogue of piece sites preceding will publish your articles at no dependant.

Adding your website to or remaining directories targeting your place. A smashing assets for discovery directories is

Contributing to niche forums, calculation a association wager on to your website in your inscription. (There is a hold-up for your ad hominem dedication on forums). Find the forums by probing by your imprecise niche name, ie: dogs forums on Google.

Add a write up and autoresponder to dispatch out commodity announcements and articles to your subscribers.

Find more available figures at []

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