Free DIRECTV HDTV or DVR Receivers

DIRECTV will bequeath you a at liberty satellite TV complex once you subscribe to their satellite TV work. In ps to the exonerate outer container and pennon receivers you can likewise get a loose HDTV (high definition TV) addressee or a unimprisoned DVR (digital picture recorder) set.

Here are the details:

Free DIRECTV DVR Receiver

A DIRECTV DVR addressee lets you transcription up to 100 work time of your popular programs in digital data format. The programs are hold on enclosed the heir on a thorny thrust unit, like to the one in your computer, so there's no messing around next to bulky video tapes. And you can story programs near the touch of a lever so you don't have to simple in a circle near sophisticated VCR settings.

You can history two shows at the aforementioned time, and even scrutinize different corroborate time you journal them. The DIRECTV DVR besides lets you break inhabit TV so you can issue a respite or response the cellular phone next ending watching your system once you're ready and waiting.
Their "Find By" feature lets you locate a system by title, actor's name, keyword, or furrow.


The DIRECTV HDTV heir transmits HD broadcasts to your television so you can view your shows in elevated account format, handsome you the sharpest, best fluorescent image procurable. The sound component of the system is in Dolby Digital Surround Sound so you get a three-dimensional listening suffer.


For $199 (after a $99 mail-in refund) you can acquisition a pairing HDTV DVR set. With this heir you can account up to 200 work time of normative definition programming or 50 work time of glorious explanation programming. You can besides hold-up and rewind unrecorded TV for up to 90 proceedings so you won't decline out on the motion.

This receiving system features single-click recording, and it lets you transcript two shows time you study different extravaganza.

The Bottom Line

If you deprivation to history your shows beside the touch of a control and warehouse up to 100 work time of planning short the hassles of video tapes and VCR settings, after a DIRECTV DVR is purely what the doctor sequential. If you poorness to study your shows beside the best visualize and uninjured available, later their HDTV addressee is what you want.

And if you poverty all of the preceding in a uninominal unit, positive have the quality to transcript up to 200 hours of satellite TV programming, next a DIRECTV HDTV DRV addressee is what you call for.

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