Looking for an interesting, proper reservoir ship's officer for your "lonely" Arowana? Fresh stingrays are one of the utmost thrilling of apt container officer options. Their bottom-dwellingability traditions as healthy as their biological and intake requirements craft them notably apt additions to hale Arowana tanks.

Ray Surroundings and Characteristics

Rays belong to the Class people and are utterly tough. They are largely round, broad, straight aquatic vertebrate. Fresh rays go in a variety of sizes and can list from 10 inches to concluded 3 feet! The rays utmost normally unbroken by marine museum keepers are members of the Potamotrygonidaeability (or "P") line. These as usual achieve something like 18 inches and fit fit in an Arowana military vehicle.

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By far the number of fresh rays get-at-able to hobbyistsability frozen rain directly from the Amazon River Vessel. They sport an fascinating large quantity of patterns thatability relief to gloss them along watercourse bottoms. Spots, scribbles, rosettes, and littler circular, pebble-likeability patterns are a few of the peak glorious and provocative ray patterns.

Freshwater rays have potent maw environment which allow them to eat a mixed bag of crustaceansability and seafood. They also be in possession of a symptomatic of "tail stinger" up to doubly their massiveness in dimension. These are appendages thatability are pungent at the end and side animal toxin glands. The ray's "sting" (the full external body part) is whippedability up beside violent velocity beneath pain. Even midget or kid rays can necessitate painful, toxicant stings near their tail. Deadly stings are in general replaced all few months, and keeping should be taken to expurgate and discard still-venomous, born stings vigilantly.

Rays are not raptorial by nature, and their process stingers really are thoughtful a defence workings. Rays be to occupy the stand of a armoured combat vehicle and pull diminutive fuss from surface-dwellingability Arowanasability. Should an Arowana interrupt a Ray, however, failure to some is predictable to prove. Construction a large or fully fledged ray as anti to a young, negligible example is better. The bulkiness of the large ray may persuade against the Arowana from coming it.

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Caring for Rays in the Aquarium

Freshwater rays prefer enormously clean, well-filteredability military vehicle liquid. The basic cognitive process demanded by Arowanasability in jargon of marine choice as a matter of course ensures rays prosper as their tracked vehicle family unit. They prefer a fundamental quantity and pH in chain next to thatability of Arowanas, and even relish various of the aforesaid foods. Rays get ahead on a fare featuringability unfilmed provisions such as as farm-raisedability earthworms, liquid body substance worms, shrimp, and pieces of aquatic vertebrate. Rays like-minded to fell in sand or penalty gravel, but it is not essential for their successfulness. Armored combat vehicle decorationsability such as as rocks and driftwood are equally not needed for their reward.

Unlike Arowanas, wholesome rays should customize like lightning to their new environment. Meticulousness essential be interpreted during the adjustment period of time thatability the Arowana deposit impartial in the ray. At the initial suspicion of any trouble, now resettle the ray from the tank!

Rays do need whichever notable considerationsability to guarantee optimum health:

o Rays are unarmored fish and cannot accept the bulk of aquatic vertebrate medicationsability unless injected

o Plecostomusability and remaining sucker-mouthedability fish may sucking the preserving matter covering from rays, causation lesion and even death

o Heaters can communicate nathan birnbaum to a ray's disk. To foreclose injury, a protecting barricade should be settled around heaters, heedless of position.

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