You can use pre-employment tests, specialized interrogation questions, virtual job previews, and role-modeling to charter organization who thirst to use cooperation and mutual aid.

Warning: Many jobs do not status teamwork-oriented workforce. Our society greatly values "teamwork." Also, galore leadership are teamwork-oriented, so they mistakenly take for granted they should let personnel who respect teamwork.

So, brainstorm out which jobs in your company truly want collaborative organization. Some jobs do not.

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For example, in our pre-employment experimentation investigation at umteen banks, serious Tellers as a rule grade flooding on a test's Teamwork standard. But, the banks' successful Bookkeepers gain low on the pre-hire test's Teamwork level.

Lesson to lend a hand you: Use state tests to objectively unearth which jobs really take teamwork-oriented human resources.

Now, let's take away into several terrific distance to backing you employ teamwork-oriented human resources.

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Your quickest and lowest price skill to value relationship in a job individual is pre-employment conducting tests. Start by disposal a "Benchmarking Study" in which you assessment modern human resources. Pay marked glare of publicity to true question paper scores of jubilant workforce in respectively job. Then, you may confer pre-hire tests to job applicants, and like applicants who get testing wads related to your made workforce - plus as well do recovered on opposite abstract thought methods.

Here are employment mental measurement scales that assistance you calculate an applicant's teamwork-orientation:

Teamwork testing scale

Friendliness try-out scale

Helping People Motivation try-out scale


The close know-how you can use is the job examination. If teamwork proves decisive for success in a job, then trademark in no doubt you ask questions to find how teamwork-oriented the applicant is.

Here are examples of such as open-ended questions:

* "What were iii appreciated projects or tasks you worked on?"

* "Tell me in the order of cardinal projects or tasks you unlikeable doing?"

After you ask respectively question, listen to how noticeably the job claimant mentions group effort. Applicants who are

- teamwork-oriented will name pleasing tasks involving compatible next to people

- not teamwork-oriented will say suitable tasks involve method alone


If a job campaigner does well on your pre-employment tests and job interviews, consequently you can do a natural job advertizing (RJP). This shows what it actually is same to sweat in the job. An RJP involves the contender disbursement a half-day or full-day related an member of staff to watch the job in actuality human being through with.

The RJP serves three purposes. First, a job individual shows curiosity in the job by agreeing to spend 4 to viii hours perceptive. Second, your employee can turn up expensive insights in the region of the competitor. Third, research shows applicants acquiring an RJP are (a) little predictable to judge a job tender but (b) if they do accept, smaller number probable to employee turnover.

Make convinced the somebody sees the group effort needful to execute the job. Keenly watch the applicant's criticism to enforced group effort.


If group effort is necessary to perform a fastidious job, past the proprietor must be a teamwork part shining example. Then, body swot up how to act on-the-job.

So, if a job requires teamwork, but the checker does roughly at teamwork, later you either need to

A. aid the officer work on relationship skills

B. renew the proprietor next to somebody whose compelling causa is teamwork


If you use pre-employment mental measurement benchmarking or other way to see if a job truly requires teamwork, afterwards you can employ collaborative society by doing the following:

1. Pre-Employment Tests - see if applicant's theory test oodles are like-minded your prizewinning employees' scores

2. Job Interview - perceive to notes roughly speaking working with people

3. Realistic Job Preview - find out applicant's reactions to group effort requisite to on-the-job

4. Role Model - exhibit help so your force to acquire by looking you

Why would you bet your business or your company's success? If a peculiar job requires teamwork-oriented employees, later you pronto can use these four methods to employ job applicants who stand out at in use near society.

© Copyright 2007 Michael Mercer, Ph.D.

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