These days, watching TV, listening to the radio, language reporters or cyberspace report is indisputable torture: nothing but sickening scenes, a detestable address of killings, bombings, murder, rape...

It's no use habitation on the "reasons" or consideration put progressive by those who perpetrate such as activity.

However, one piece is obvious: at the nitty-gritty of all conflicts, in attendance is manipulation by questionable "leaders" and here is an irrefutable information for you:

If all quality mortal simply fixed to pay no attention to these questionable leaders and compact on in person development, that would be the end of all conflicts linking citizens and groups of empire.

So, I say to you:

- Concentrate on your face-to-face change for the better.

- Never let yourself to be manipulated by politicians, devout leaders, or any variety of body. More recurrently than not, specified citizens are scarcely competent to metallic element themselves.

- God is everyone's God. If you assume in God, you can organize yourself to Him (or Her, for that substance). You without doubt don't want somebody for that.

- As some as possible, outward show at quality beings for what they are i.e. as individuals, not as members of a group, class, race, religion, country, culture, color, race, sexual category etc.

- Go direct for the "humanity in all quality beings"

Of course, we are all much or little influenced by the social group we were whelped into, the society we grew up in, the talking we cry. But sound inside, we all have thing in rampant.

Maybe the single item that could constrain quality beings to combine and truly emotion and recognise one other would be invaders from another planet, all set to lay waste any self with that universally quality quality: humanity. So, even so gaping in you you'd try to secrete your humanity, they'd have a exceptional instrumentation to smelling it out and break you.

Then of course, we'd all have to propose our public humanity, get together, and scrap stern.

So, if we must be "group-conscious", consequently let that division be Mankind, or - why not after all - the undamaged Universe and everything that exists.

Meanwhile, let's freshly extract on our own face-to-face growth. In the procedure and in otherwise articles, I'll notify you roughly speaking "know yourself", "love yourself" and "agree next to yourself"

But "what" may you ask, "has all this got to do next to Health, Beauty, and Wellness?".

The response lies in one only word: BALANCE. Know yourself, esteem yourself, concur next to yourself and you'll succeed physical, psychological, just and spiritual equilibrium.

And THAT, my friend, is the best health, beauty, and welfare undeclared tip. But delight e'er remember: "Let's cognize respectively other than to better know ourselves"

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